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Since 1961

  With no overhead & no dealer markup.

Don't let my low prices fool you.

Prices are usually less than production housings!   

As there are several makes of cameras, with many models, and lens combinations,

 I will always need your camera, etc., for at least a week.    


What I do, how I do it, and my location

          I specialize in designing and building custom WATERHOUSINGS.

FOR: Any camera including Nikon, Canon, Panasonic, Sony. Yours!

And Environmental protection enclosures for whatever!              

    Most are good to 30 feet. Perfect for sports such as wakeboarding,

 water skiing, surfing and snorkeling. And most will float.

            They can be found on the boom of a yacht, windsurfer, skydiving., etc.,

         Radio control or Microwave?  NO Problem.

               A plastic bag won't do it! All of my housings are made from solvent bonded Optical Grade Acrylic.

Nuts and washers, wing nuts? No Way....

                     I use Nielsen stainless steel spring catches and marine grade fittings. O-ring seals of course.

           Making quality custom water housing since 1961 for our worldwide customers,  

Each one is hand crafted

               You are always welcome to visit as I like to work one-on-one with every customer, so you get what you want.

   Located in the heart of the Water Sports capital of the world.

    I am just an hour from ORLANDO FLORIDA. (Disneyworld)




                RED Epic                                                       In action: Photo by Joey Meddock







                                   Pic 1           Pic 2

                                                    Canon GL-Series     w/Century .55 Fisheye                                    Any Small camcorder from $525.00

                                           Or whatever......                                                                       Pictured Panasonic HDC-DX1      


                                    Pic 3Pic 4

                                              New! Kodak K100                        Clarke Poling w/Small camcorder on Wake board

                                     Pic 5                             Pic 6 

                                       Micro Wave  10 years ago....                               Today' system fits  inside the housing, including antenna!


                                   Pic 7               Pic 8

                                                         Sony HDV                                               35 MM film or digital Surfer or Wake boarder


                                  Pic 9                Pic 10                    

                                    Your Hot Shoe flash with Pocket Wizard                                Wireless controlled on a Ski/Surf or Wakeboard              


                                    Pic 11                          Pic 12

                                               Any small digital camera      




                                              Pic 13                            Pic 14   

                                                        Above: Arriflex 16mm   Right:  Open View. Includes 5.9 lens 12 v battery speed control              

                                                       Pic 15                    Pic 16

                                                          Any 35 MM SLR film or Digital                    New! Panasonic HVX 200 w/Century .55X fisheye

                                                w/your flash & Pocket Wizard                         Photo by Justyn Rowe  


                                                                        Hot Shoe flash and Pocket Wizard in both housings

Pic 17

Thanks to Joey Meddock..

                       The above are but a few of the thousands I have made.

 No matter what your camera I can make a housing for it,

                                                                                        My customers are the Water Sports Industries Pro's.

 Click this link to see how they are using my custom made Waterhousings.

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