Q. How long has Essex been in business?

A. The name Essex was officially first used in 2007. Prior to that, Mike Waggoner had been making waterhousings since 1982 under his own name and then under the “MW Handmade” label.

Q. Why don’t you offer more housings for more cameras?

A. Currently, our focus is on quality not quantity and as such, we only concentrate on housings for certain cameras that the working Professional Water Photographer is using. This leaves us available to work closely with our clients to create custom designs and to work on specialized projects.


Q. the Canon 24-105mm and the 24-70mm zoom lenses are very popular. Why don’t you make ports for these lenses?

A. Just because you can make a product doesn’t mean you should. Both of these lenses significantly change length physically when zoomed and that means that we have to make the port long enough to hold the lens when the lens is at it’s longest physical configuration. When the lens is zoomed to it’s shortest physical length, there is too much “air space” between the lens element and the ports element. This is a situation that the professional photographer wants to avoid as the closer the ports lens element is to the lens, the better your re